1.Title: Patient-specific computational modeling of the heart (RG109/11AET).
Funding body: University Malaya Research Grant.
Amount: RM120,000.
Year: 2011-2014.

2. Title: Physiological control of an Implantable Rotary Blood Pump.
Funding body: Ministry of Higher Education High Impact Research Grant (UM.HIR.ENG.50).
Amount: RM1,572,600.
Year: 2012-2016.

3. Title: Development of Computed Tomography (CT)-Ultrasound (US) derived.
Funding body: Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation eScienceFund. fusion for cardiovascular imaging (01-01-03-SF0973).
Amount: RM235,100.
Year: 2014-2016.

4. Title: Early diagnostics and predictive modeling of myocardial infarction.
Funding body: University Malaya Research Grant (RPO28-14HTM).
Amount: RM750,000.
Year: 2014-2017.


FREE MRI/TTE scanning benefited 65 participants

First phase scan has been successfully completed throughout a year (July 2013 - July 2014). In total, we have provided a total of 65 MRI/TTE scans with full reports to the public (including 25 control subjects and 40 patients with heart disease).

All scanning results have been de-identified and used for our research purpose (by 3 PhD & 2 MEngSc students). A total of 3 publications, resulted from this study, have been submitted to Top Tier publishers and are currently under review.

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