26 August, 2012
Our team member, Wan Naimah visited the Forbidden City during her trip to Beijing for a conference.

25 May, 2012
Our research student, Wan Naimah attended a conference in Beijing,

24 April, 2013
We celebrated 1st birthday abroad for our new team member, Rashidul.

24 April, 2013
Research team members at Asian Cardiac Engineering Lab

26 February, 2013
Dr Lim was invited to give talk on ventricular assist devices at Institut Jantung Negara (IJN).

17 June, 2013
Our member, Jamil had a 3-month research attachment at UNSW.

29 July, 2013
Our UNSW collaborator enjoying famous chicken rice ball at Malacca with our research student.

8 April, 2013
Our subject truly enjoyed his MRI scanning experience.

9 October, 2011
An enjoyable 2-week study trip in UNSW.


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